Effects of the Nibiru complex on Earth since 2003

Part II



C) Other effects of Nibiru


C100: The Earth’s magnetic field: An increase in anomalies

C110: The biological compasses fail


C200: Anomalies in Moon’s orbit around Earth


C300: Increased frequency of congenital abnormalities and albinoism


C400: An increase in mental, immunodeficiency and infectious diseases


C500: Red aurora



D) Effects of Nibiru’s electromagnetic charged tail


  D100: Meteors and fireballs


D200: Atmospheric electromagnetic disturbances


D210: Satellites rotating out of position or crashing towards Earth out of control


D220: Massive power blackouts worldwide


D230: Train and aviation accidents due to sudden failure in the electrical signal system


D240: ”Star jelly & Angel Hair” in the air, and ”white milky fluid” in the water


D300: Hydrocarbon phenomena: Light towers, neon clouds, spirals


D400: Carbohydrate phenomena: ”Manna and ambrosia from heaven”


D500: Iron oxide dust colours the air and the waters red



C) Other effects of Nibiru


C100: The Earth's magnetic field: An increase in anomalies

Per the Zetas, the Earth’s core is fluid and strongly magnetic due to the high concentration of melted iron (ZT Chat 4. May 2013). They claim that the gravity press is less in the core than at the crust. The Zetas also claim that the Earth’s core is heterogenous magnetic, not homogenous magnetic, and this is their explanation for the Earth’s diurnal rotation. In Earth’s orbit around the Sun, the heterogenous magnetic core reacts continually – with attraction and repulsion – on various magnetic forces in the surrounding universe. It is this eternal attraction and repulsion that create the rotation in the fluid iron mass in the Earth’s core, like a dog chasing its own tale, dragging the Earth’s crust with it.


The Zetas explain magnetism as a particle flow of a yet undiscovered subatomic particle, which they for the sake of simplicy call magnetons. In a bar magnet the magnetons flow out of the positive pole, the flow continues in a bow towards the negative pole, the magnetons reenter at the negative pole and flow upwards through the center of the bar. One single iron atom is sufficient for determining the direction of the flow of the magnetons. In the the same way, the magnetons flow out from the North Geomagnetic Pole, the flow continues in a bow towards the South Geomagnetic Pole, the magnetons reenter at the South Geomagnetic Pole and flow upwards through the center of the Earth.


The magnetic intensity is strongest at the poles, and weaker at the Equator. Magnetons are in a continual flow, they don’t need a mechanical or electrical “push” (as electrons need) to get out of a “resting state”. The Zetas view on Earth magnetism is thus quite different from the presently accepted Dynamo theory in geophysics, originally proposed by the German-born American physicist Walter M. Elsasser (1904-1991) in 1946-47 (Wiki: Dynamo theory). According to the Dynamo theory, the Earth’s core has no permanent magne­tism. The Earth’s geomagnetic field must continually be generated through electricity in the Earth’s core, and the electricity must again be generated through the Earth’s diurnal rotation. Per the Dynamo theory, the Earth’s magnetic field will thus cease if the Earth’s diurnal rotation should stop.


An illustration of how magnetons flow up through the Earth’s center,

 emerge from the North Geomagnetic Pole,

flow outwards in a big bow, and reenter at the South Geomagnetic Pole.



The Earth has a high concentration of iron in both its core and crust. The strongest magnets are produced from softened or melted ore, as the atoms are free to line up end to end. Per the Zetas, the magnetic force between planets rich in iron is far stronger than humans can imagine. Our understanding is blocked because the magnetic force between objects to a large degree is made invisible by the gravity of the Earth. Eliminate the gravity of the Earth, and humans’ experience of the magnetic force would change dramatically!


”The Earth’s crust is magnetically diffuse, representing many different pole alliances over the eons, as magma hardened after volcanic eruptions during pole shifts. The Earth’s thick crust acts as a shield in this way, so that only sensitive needles on compasses, floating freely, jiggle into alignment with the Earth’s core.”  ZetaTalk (1999), p. 191


The Zetas consider the Earth’s crust as a shield and buffer against the Earth’s real magnetic power and drama which takes place in the core and is reestablished in space!


The Earth’s two geomagnetic poles are the end points of an imaginary perfect straight line going through the Earth’s center and ending at diametrically opposite places of each other on the Earth’s surface (Wiki: Geomagnetic pole). They must not be confused with the two magnetic poles, which move independently of each other. The North Magnetic Pole is the point where the Earth's magnetic field points downward; in other words, if a magnetic compass needle is allowed to rotate about a horizontal axis, it will point straight down when it is over the North Magnetic Pole (Wiki: North Magnetic Pole). The South Magnetic Pole is the wandering point on the Earth's Southern Hemisphere where the geomagnetic field lines are directed vertically upwards. The two geomagnetic poles represent a kind of idealized reality, while the two magnetic poles represent the instrumental reality at the Earth’s surface with its anomalies. The geomagnetic poles are tilted about 11° with respect to the Earth's rotation axis (which defines the Geographic North and Geographic South Poles).


The North Magnetic Pole is tilted about 11° west of the Geographic North Pole,

and the South Magnetic Pole is tilted about 11° east of the Geographic South Pole.



Through the first half of the 1900s, the magnetic poles moved ca. 9 km a year. Around 1970 the speed increased, and in 2003 they moved 40 km a year. In 2009 the speed had increased even more, the pole moved 55-60 km in one year. In 2001 the North Magnetic Pole was close to Ellesmere Island in northern Canada. In 2005 the pole had moved to the northwest coast of Greenland. In 2009 the North Magnetic Pole was crossing the Arctic Ocean in a north-northwestern direction towards Siberia.


Some regions in the Earth’s magnetic field have changed polarity. In the article Magnetic mysteries of Earth's Core (BBC News, 2011) one can read:


”When scientists mapped the Earth's magnetic field down to the level of the outer-core, they discovered that under the South Atlantic Anomaly the simple north-south divide we know at the surface had broken down. There are patches where the field has actually flipped and points north instead of south. Using his weather analogy, Lathrop believes "a particularly violent or unusual patch of weather" in the molten metal of the outer-core is responsible for reversing the field. If these patches continue to deepen and spread, the entire Earth's magnetic field could reach a tipping point and flip, he believes. It is not something that would happen overnight - it could take thousands of years, during which period the field would be pretty confused. The magnetic poles could wander to the equator for example, and take with them the spectacular Northern Lights. It would not be out of character - the shifting flows of the core have reversed Earth's field hundreds of times before. "It's not a question of if the Earth is going to reverse the magnetic field, but when," says Lathrop.”



The current understanding of the dynamics of the Sun’s magnetic field is part of the Solar dynamo theory. According to this theory, the direction of the field reverses itself about every 11 years, causing the solar cycle (Wiki: Solar cycle). The current solar cycle, #24, began on 4. January 2008, and was supposed to peak around 2012. The sun physicists at NASA had predicted that it “looks like its going to be one of the most intense cycles since record-keeping began almost 400 years ago.” As of May 2013, the predicted and observed size makes this the smallest sunspot cycle since Cycle 14 which had a maximum of 64.2 in February of 1906 (Wiki: Solar cycle 24).


According to geophysicists, the Earth goes through geomagnetic reversals rather unregularly, but with some hundred thousand years between each occurence (Wiki: Geomagnetic reversal). The last reversal supposedly happened 780.000 years ago. Geophysicists assume the next geomagnetic reversal could happen any time. Most reversals are estimated to take between 1.000 and 10.000 years.


The Zetas completely reject the current scientific ideas of the Sun and the Earth having had magnetic reversals in the past. They even reject the possibility of this! Per the Zetas, all the magnetic planets in the Solar system are forced to have their north magnetic pole (here defined as the pole with outgoing magnetons) turned northward because the Sun’s north magnetic pole is turned northward. The Sun’s north magnetic pole is again forced to point northward because of the magnet fields in the surrounding universe. The Zetas claim that the geophysicists’ conclusion of earlier geomagnetic reversals is based on the premise that Earth crust displacements have not occurred.


When Nibiru crosses the ecliptic, Nibiru’s north magnetic pole will force the Earth’s core to turn about 90°. The core will then drag a reluctant crust along with it, this being the Earth crust displacement. When Nibiru 1-2 days later has passed the ecliptic, the Sun’s north magnetic pole will force the Earth’s core back again, but this time the Earth’s crust will not be dragged along [see the ZT note Pole Reversals (1995)]. Such Earth crust displacements have happened many times in Earth’s history.


* * *


According to geophysicists, the Earth’s magnetic field has become significantly weaker since 2003. See for example Kimberly Johnson’s article from June 2008 in National Geographic, Earth's Core, Magnetic Field Changing Fast, Study Says. Per the Zetas, the Earth’s magnetic field is not weakening, just changing shape and direction. From the ZT note Magnetic Field (1995):


Where some scientists state that the Earth's magnetic field has been weakening lately, this is certainly not the case. They misunderstand. The Earth's magnetic field is not weakening, it is changing course or direction, and thus Scattered does not register on their instruments in the same old way. This is an early indicator of the great confusion that the 12th Planet will have on the Earth, soon, during the pole shift. Another way to describe this dispersing is the scientific term - base resonant frequency. This is just another name for magnetic pull, the strength of the pull the Earth's core has on instruments. Instruments, through electricity coursing through wires, create a magnetic field in a core of iron or some other highly susceptible material. The resulting electromagnetic field can be either aligned with the Earth, or set to cross the Earth's magnetic field, or at any partial angle that the scientists desire. Depending on the strength of the Earth's own magnetic field, the field created by the instruments is thus disrupted or weakened. This weakening disruption, noted by scientists, is just another indication of the dispersal of the Earth's internal magnetic field.


We have stated that the heating up of your world's oceans are related to the increased swirling about going on in the Earth's core. Even primitive humans were intuitively aware that the Earth's core was not solid. Molten lava is a sure clue. Even during quiescent times the liquid rock that lies under the crusted surface of the Earth moves about, just as currents move in the oceans. The oceans are not merely influenced by temperature changes from contact with molten lava on the ocean floor or air temperature, but also by pressure to some degree from the prevailing winds. Most importantly, the oceans are pulled to and fro by the gravity of the Moon and other planetary bodies. Once set in motion, water tends to keep moving for some time, high pressure areas dispersing to low pressure areas, just as in the atmosphere. Likewise, molten rock in the Earth's core is subject to influences - gravitational, from other planetary bodies, but also magnetic, as the composition of the molten rock contains elements such as iron prone to magnetic influences. Currents and tides develop in the molten rock, and this is either gentle and regular or vigorous and given to sudden spurts. The dispersing of the Earth's magnetic alignment is just another indicator of this phenomena.


Note: added during the Aug 24, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session:


The Earth's magnetism is being disturbed now, when stable for thousands of years. Put upon the disruption now a core that turns completely during the pole shift, must realign, and consider that many parts of the core will be slowly finding their place in the mush. This equates to several decades of an erratic magnetic field, and by this time, any groups of mankind left will have switched to other means than compasses. Magnetic diffusion is already causing mankind to move to alternate means of establishing bearings. This has always been the case, as compass failure or erratic magnetic switching about has occurred in the past, unexplained, so sighting on stars or manual controls are always in place, just in case. Thus, to the man on the street, little will be said, as most of the time the field will guide compasses, and when not, it will be passed off as one of those erratic times, or a compass failure. Thus, you will find until the weeks when all are staring at the sky, pointing, that no mention of extremes in magnetic changes will be made. By then, no one will care.



On 16. December 2008, NASA Science News reported the discovery of a huge breach in the Earth’s magnetosphere, four times the size of the Earth, Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field Discovered. Nibiru is also four times the size of the Earth. The discovery came as a great surprise:


“But the breach itself is not the biggest surprise. Researchers are even more amazed at the strange and unexpected way it forms, overturning long-held ideas of space physics. "At first I didn't believe it," says THEMIS project scientist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. "This finding fundamentally alters our understanding of the solar wind-magnetosphere interaction."… "To the lay person, this may sound like a quibble, but to a space physicist, it is almost seismic," says Sibeck. "When I tell my colleagues, most react with skepticism, as if I'm trying to convince them that the sun rises in the west”.”



C110: The biological compasses fail

The Earth’s magnetic field is not only being used by humans with compass to navigate, but is also used by bacteria, fungi, insects (including fruit flies and honeybees), and animals such as turtles, lobsters, sharks and stingrays for orientation and navigation (Wiki: Magneto­ception). The Zetas answered in ZT Chat 28. Mar 2009 the question why so many dolphins and whales have stranded the last years:


”The compass is unreliable for the past few years, and lately has gotten very extreme in its variance. Many animals and insects have a biological compass, recording during migra­tions where that compass laid, and when taking a return trip relying on the recording to guide them back. If the Earth's N Pole swings away from the press of Planet X, which is increasingly pointing its N Pole at the Earth, then these animals are not given correct clues and aim for land or up a river. Sad to say, this will only get worse as the last weeks and the pole shift loom on the horizon.”


194 whales and some dolphins stranded on Tasmania’s King Island.



C200: Anomalies in Moon’s orbit around Earth

Anomalies in Moon’s orbit have been registered since March 2004. Reports have come from all over the world that the Moon was/is too far north of the Ecliptic after new moon, and too far south of the Ecliptic after full moon. This route above and below the Earth’s equator has made the orbit a little bit shorter, with the consequence that the monthly cycle has been a little bit shorter than usual.


* ZT nl 5. July 2009.

* ZT note Lou Gentile Hour! (2005).



C300: Increased frequency of congenital abnormalities and albinoism

The Zetas have commented many times that Nibiru’s presence has resulted in increased radiation of certain particles from the Earth’s core, particles that have not been recognized by our science. These particles have various biological and genetic effects, such as increasing the frequency of congenital abnormalities (birth defects) and albinoism (Wiki: Congenital abnor­mality). Dramatic examples of congenital abnormalities are animals with two heads (Wiki: Poly­cephaly) and humans with more than four limbs (Wiki: Supernumerary body part). The frequency of birth defects has increased the last ten years all over the world, including Europe (source). Birth defects in China have risen 70 % in the last decade. Mr. Jiang Fan, of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, stated that birth defects now affect one in ten households in China (source).


The increased frequency of albinoism is caused by the genes responding to the emitted particles as if a subterranean life without sunshine is to be prepared. Some new cases of albino buffaloes created quite a stir among some indian groups, since they for a long time have had an oral tradition that this would be a sign of the end of an era.


* ZT nl 17. Mar 2013. Nancy has found some interesting articles on the worldwide rise of birth defects.

* ZT Chat 16. Feb 2013. Summing-up by the Zetas.

* ZT nl 15. July 2007. Summing-up.

* Collection of ZT comments and news clips 1996-2006.

* ZT note White Buffalo (1996). 




Examples of albinoism



C400: An increase in mental, immunodeficiency and infectious diseases

The Zetas claim that there will be many causes to an increase of mental, immunodeficiency and infectious diseases in the time leading up to the Earth crust displacement. The most impor­tant factor to vitality and sickness, however, will still be the will to survive and fight. When the will is weakened, the immune system will fail, and then one may die of all kinds of infections that otherwise would not be fatal.


* ZT notes: Take Sick (1998);  Emanation Illness (2005);  Morgellons (2006).



C500: Red aurora

Per the Zetas, red aurora is a gravity phenomenon, not a magnetic phenomenon. The frequency of red auroras will now increase due to the gravity dance between Nibiru and the Earth is intensifying.

* ZT nl 6. Nov 2011.

* Wiki: Aurora (astronomy).


Red auroras over USA on 24.-25. October 2011.



D) Effects of Nibiru’s electromagnetic charged tail


D100: Meteors and fireballs

When a meteoroid enters a planet’s atmosphere and becomes so glowing that it becomes a visible streak of light, it is called a meteor. Brighter-than-usual meteors are called fireballs. If a fragment of the meteor survives the journey through the atmosphere and hits the ground, it is called a meteorite (Wiki: Meteoroid).


The frequency of reported meteors and fireballs increased after Nibiru had reached the inner part of our Solar system in the spring 2003. The first official explanation of this increase was that it wasn’t meteors and fireballs we were seeing, it was junk satelite junk! In October 2009 NASA came up with a new explanation: We were seeing “swarms of asteroids”! For the cover-up crowd it was important to hide the fact that the increasing number of fireballs came from one and the same source and direction, the tail of Nibiru. However, the statistics have been kept up by American Meteor Society, showing a ten doubling of the number of reported fireballs per year from 2005 (466) to 2011 (4.663). See ZT nl 14. juli 2012.


A ten doubling of fireballs from 2005 to 2011.


* ZT nl 29. Nov 2009. About NASA trying to explain fireballs and meteors as “a swarm of asteroids”.


* ZT nl 28. June 2009. About the US Military announcing that observed fireballs and meteors are to be regarded as classified information. See Leonard David’s article, Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified (10. June 2009).


* ZT nl 22. Feb 2009. About fireballs being explained by the government as junk from a collision between one American and one Russian satellite.


A fireball over US’ Atlantic coast on 29. March 2009.



D200: Atmospheric electromagnetic disturbances

The Zetas give a general introduction to the theme in the ZT note Air France 447 (2009):


“We have repeatedly warned that electromagnetic disturbances could be anticipated as the charged tail of Planet X turned toward the Earth. There is increasing evidence of this, the latest unmistakable piece of evidence a blast to the Earth's magneto­sphere. The number of subatomic particles in the electromagnetic spectrum, as we have noted, is beyond what mankind imagines. When failure happens on the ground, there is an outage. The lights go out, but nothing crashes to the ground. When a massive failure, however temporary, occurs in an airliner time catches up with those affected as the airliner is temporarily out of control, and in turbulent weather this can prove disastrous. Will such failure happen again? We have stressed, repeatedly, that man can expect problems with their satellites and electrical grids due to the charged tail of Planet X wafting increasingly in the direction of Earth.”



D210: Satellites rotating out of position or crashing towards Earth out of control

* Nancy gives a summing-up of earlier comments in ZT nl 3. Feb 2008.



D220: Massive power blackouts worldwide

In August-September 2003 there were several massive power blackouts all over the civilized world. There were massive power blackouts over the greater part of eastern USA and Canada on 14. Aug (blamed on an overloaded Niagara Mohawk power grid); in London on 28. Aug; in Malaysia on 1. Sep; in Yucatan (Mexico) on 5. Sep; and all over Italy on 28. Sep. The Zetas explained this as an effect of the electromagnetic charged tail of Nibiru being swept in the direction of Earth.


On 10. Nov 2009 a massive power failure hit Brazil's two biggest cities, Săo Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and large parts of neighboring Paraguay, leaving millions of people in the dark after a hydroelectric plant went offline. Brazilian Energy Minister Edson Lobao said authorities weren't sure what caused the outage at the Itaipu dam, which straddles the border between Brazil and Paraguay, but he believed an "atmospheric phenomenon" or "high-intensity storm" was to blame.


* ZT nl 15. Nov 2009. About the power outage in Brazil and Paraguay 10. Nov 2009.

* ZT nl 30. Aug 2009. About the powerful explosion at the Sajano-Shushenskoj hydro­electric power station on 17. Aug 2009.

* ZT nl 5. Apr 2009. About the power outages in Aug-Sep 2003.

* ZT nl 2. Mar 2008. About the power outage in Florida on 27. Feb 2008, blamed on a minor equipment failure at one of the substations.



Massive power blackout in New York City 14. Aug 2003; and in Sao Paulo (Brazil) 10. Nov 2009.



D230: Train and aviation accidents due to sudden failure in the electrical signal system

The accidents discussed in the newsletters below have all been analyzed by the Zetas to have been caused by electromagnetic disturbances from Nibiru’s charged tail. Otherwise, one could naturally assume several other reasons for the accidents.


* ZT Chat 31. June 31 2010. About the aviation accident in Pakistan on 28. July 28 2010.

* ZT nl 11. Apr 2010. About Toyota’s recall of 5,6 million cars due to sudden and unexplainable acceleration problems. That the cause was electromagnetic disturbances in the atmosphere became so obvious that NASA offered to assist Toyota in the exami­nation of the problems!

* ZT nl 19. July 2009. About the monorail accident in Walt Disney World on 5. July 2009.

* ZT nl 28. June 2009. About the Washington DC Metro accident on 22. June 2009, when one train piled on the top of another.

* ZT nl 7. June 2009. About the passenger plane Air France Flight 447 which crashed in the Atlantic Ocean on 1. June 2009.

* ZT nl 2. Mar 2008. About a B-2 stealth bomber which crashed to the ground just after takeoff, on 22. Feb 2008.


D240: ”Star jelly & Angel Hair” in the air, and ”white milky fluid” in the water

The Zetas gave their explanation in ZT Chat 15. Oct 2011 and in ZT Chat 14. Apr 2012. They explained the phenomena as electrically charged particles with a temporary anomalous electron structure.

    * Wiki: Star jelly;  Angel hair (folklore).



D300: Hydrocarbon phenomena: Light towers, neon clouds, spirals

Allan and Delair have in a very interesting book, Cataclysm!: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9.500 B.C. (1997, Part IV, chap. 11), discussed how an astronomically triggered Earth crust displacement that happened 11.500 years ago probably was associated with downfall from meteors of hydrocarbons such as petrochemicals, bitumen and tar. The Zetas claim something alike, that the tail of Nibiru is soiling our atmosphere with ignitable hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons are the material component in various new light pheno­mena in the sky. These phenomena are, however, triggered and shaped by various forces. Examples are “light towers”, neon clouds, and the sensational spiral phenomenon over North Norway on 9. Dec 2009.


* ZT nl 17. Apr 2011. Blue spirals over Hanti Mansijsk in Central Russia on 5. Apr 2011, and over Christchurch in New Zealand on 29. Mar 2011.

* ZT nl 25. July 2010. China: Light tower of methane gas released from rock layers.

* ZT nl 20. Dec 2009. The spiral light phenomenon over North Norway on 9. Dec 2009. The cause of the spiral pattern that dived down to the ground was, per the Zetas, the same as for other spin phenomena in the air (like tornadoes) and in water at the surface of Earth: They are a reflection of the rotation in the Earth’s core.

* ZT nl 2. Nov 2008. Pink neon cloud over London on 2. Nov 2008.

* ZT nl 24. Feb 2008. Light tower over Siberia on 17. Feb 2008, triggered by explosions in a gas pipe.

* ZT nl 27. Jan 2008. Light towers over Iraq, Canada and Germany on January 2008.



                               Light tower over Siberia on 17. Feb. 2008.                                       Pink cloud over London on 2. Nov 2008.            


The spiral light phenomenon over North Norway on 9. Dec 2009, around 8 AM.


ZetaTalk sees a connection between the spiral light phenomenon
and primitive man’s cave paintings and petroglyphs (rock engravings)

where spiral patterns are a common motif.


* ZT Chat 26. June 2010. Why is the Sun and the Moon seen more often with a halo? A halo is an optical phenomenon, forming a circle around the sun, or occasionally the moon. It forms as sunlight is refracted in hexagonal ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere [Wiki: 22° halo]. A halo appears a couple of times a week in Europe, and is thus a quite common phenomenon. The Zetas claim, however, that in the last years another factor has turned up. The Nibiru complex is greasing the atmosphere, and the grease facilitates the creations of halos around the Sun and the Moon.


                                                  Sun halo                                                                                                        Moon halo



D400: Carbohydrate phenomena: ”Manna and ambrosia from heaven”

The Book of Exodus, chap. 16, tells how the Jews survived during their 40 years of wandering around in the desert by eating manna that each morning had been formed on the ground, alike dew and rime. It tasted like honeycake. The ancient Greeks called this honey-tasting ”heavenly bread” for ambrosia. Velikovsky, in his book Worlds in Collision (1950, Part I, chap. 6), identified manna and ambrosia as carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are close cousins of hydrocarbons. The Zetas gave a more detailed explanation of manna in the ZT note Manna from Heaven (1996).


There was an interesting article in the media on 11. Jan 2008, Environment Dept. probes strange precipitation in Grant County.


”The New Mexico Environment Department is looking into what caused a strange milky white rain to fall on Grant County…”


The Zetas confirmed in ZT Chat 19. Jan 2008 that this was classic manna:


“This episode is a classic manna sign, the rainwater milky from carbohydrates formed over volcanoes in the Alaskan Aleutian islands. The jet stream at the time was plunging down along the west coast, along with a cold mass plunging south, pulling any particles formed over the volcanoes toward New Mexico where the cold air mass met warmer air. This caused rain to form, cleaning the carbohydrate particles out of the air.”



D500: Iron oxide dust colors the air and the waters red

Several ancient manuscripts describe cataclysmic times when the air and the waters were colored red by dust that made the fresh water undrinkable. Examples are the Book of Exodus Chap. 7:20-21, the Egyptian Ipuwer Papyrus, and the Kiche Mayan collection of stories Popol Vuh. Velikovsky discussed these ancient descriptions in his book Worlds in Collision (1950, Part I, chap. 2); and Allan & Delair discussed them in their book Cataclysm!: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9.500 B.C. (1997, Part V, chap. 9-10). Velikovsky (1950) and Allan & Delair (1997) identified the red dust as iron oxide meteor dust. The Zetas claim their conclusion to be right.


On 23. September 2009, the air suddenly turned red for the citizens of Sidney, Australia, during a dust storm. See article with pictures and video in Sidney Morning Herald, Sydney turns red: dust storm blankets city. Many fans of ZetaTalk thought that the redness maybe was caused by iron oxide in the sand storm coming directly from the tail of Nibiru. But the Zetas had a little twist to their answer, in ZT Chat 26. sep 2009:


“The red outback in Australia, as with the states of Georgia and Alabama in the US, have red clay soil due to having been dusted in the past with iron oxide dust from the tail of Planet X. Originally, this dust came from the tail of Planet X. But the onslaught hitting Sydney is merely from the desert in the outback, which has suffered under severe drought and lately, high winds. However, these pictures can give an example of what the Earth will experience during the last weeks.”


Sidney on 23. Sep 2009.



On 6. September 2012 the sky over San Francisco for some minutes turned neon pink, and with two rainbows. See entry in Huffington Post with pictures: San Francisco Rainbow: Natural Miracle Lights Up Downtown Sky. The day after, on 7. September 2012, the Yangtze River, the world’s third longest and China’s largest river, had suddenly turned red. See for example ABC News, Yangtze River Turns Red and Turns Up a Mystery. Nancy Lieder commented these two events in ZT nl 23. Sep 2012.


Yangtze on 7. Sep 2012.






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